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Photo calendar printing
Origin:Image Printing  Data: 9/29/2011  Keywords: photo calendar printing

Photo calendar printing service suppliers in China, Image Printing provides professional photo calendar printing service for overseas customers. Photo-lithographic transfer paper and ink are prepared in the following manner. The paper is treated with a solution of a hundred parts of gelatine and one part of chrome alum photo calendar printing. After drying, it is treated with the white of egg. It is made sensitive with a bath consisting of one part of chrome alum, 14 parts of water and 4 parts of alcohol. The latter ingredient prevents the white of egg from dissolving.

On the dark places the white of egg, together with the ink with which the exposed paper has been coated, separates in water. The transfer ink consists of 20 parts of printing ink, 50 parts of wax, 40 parts of tallow, 35 parts of colophony, 210 parts of oil of turpentine, 30 parts of Berlin blue. It is found that a varnish formed of Canadian balsam, dissolved in turpentine, supplies a most valuable means of making paper transparent. The mode by which this is most satisfactorily accomplished is by applying a thin coating of this varnish to photo calendar printing job, so as to permeate it thoroughly, after which it is to be coated on both sides with a much thicker mixture. The paper is kept warm by performing the operation before a hot fire, and a third and even a fourth coating may be applied until the texture of the paper is seen to merge into homogeneous translucency. Paper prepared according to this process of photo calendar printing is said to come nearer than any other to the highest standard of perfection in transparent paper. Care must be used in making, as the materials are highly inflammable.

Line engraving is of the highest order. All engravings are done in line simply straight lines. Next comes line and stiple. Stiple means dots small dots like this. These small dots are used to lighten up the high parts of the face or drapery. It is very hard to engrave a face in lines, photo calendar printing, and only master engravers have ever undertaken photo calendar printing. The masters understand and practice both in line and stiple. Claude Mellan engraved, in 1700, a full head of Christ, with one unbroken line. This line commenced at the apex of the nose, and wound out and out like a watch spring. Mezzotint engravings are produced thus. The steel or copper is made rough like fine sand paper. To produce soft effects, this rough surface is scraped off. If you want a high place or high light in your engraving, scrape the surface smooth, then the ink will not touch photo calendar printing. If you want faint color, scrape off a little. Such engravings look like lithographs. Etching is adapted to homely and familiar-sketches. The copper or steel plate is heated and covered with black varnish. The engraver scratches off this varnish with sharp needles, working on the surface as he would on paper with a pencil. Nitric acid is then passed over the plate, and it eats away at the steel and copper wherever the needle has scraped off the varnish. When the varnish is removed with spirits of turpentine, the engraving is seen in sunken lines on the plate.
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As a professional book printing factory in China, Image Printing Packaging Ltd focus on book printing and packaging printing mainly for oversea and domestic customers. We are located in Shenzhen city, the book printing and packaging printing industrial center of China and even worldwide. Please be kindly note we offer a wide range of professional customed printing service with aggressive prices
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