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Calendar printers
Origin:Image Printing  Data: 9/29/2011  Keywords: calendar printers

As one of good calendar printers in China, Image Printing are professional and good at producing many various desk and wall calendars with special stands design.

Retired master calendar printers had already been engaged to act as compositor and pressman. Enough type was then cast for a trial page, which was set up and printed on a sample of calendar printers that was being made for the Press by J. Batchelor and Son. About a fortnight later ten reams of paper were delivered. On Feb. 18th a good supply of type followed. Mr. W. H. Bowden, who subsequently became overseer, then joined his father as compositor, and the first chapters of The Glittering Plain were set up. The first sheet appears to have been printed, when the staff was increased to three by the addition of a pressman named Giles, who left as soon as the book was finished. A friend who saw calendar printers on the day after the printing of the page above mentioned recalls his elation at the success of his new type. The first volume of the Saga Library, a creditable piece of printing, was brought out and put beside this trial page, which much more than held its own. The poet then declared his intention to set to work immediately on a black-letter fount; illness, however, intervened and it was not begun until June. The lower case alphabet was finished by the beginning of August, with the exception of the tied letters, the designs for which, with those for the capitals, were sent to calendar printers. Early in November enough type was cast for two trial pages, the one consisting of twenty-six lines of Chaucers Franklins Tale and the other of sixteen lines of Sigurd the Volsung. In each of these a capital I is used that was immediately discarded. On the last day of 1891 the full stock of Troy type was despatched from the foundry. Its first appearance was in a paragraph, announcing the book from which it took its name, in the list dated May, 1892. This Troy type, which its designer preferred to either of the others, shows the influence of the beautiful early types of Peter Schoeffer of Mainz, Gunther Zainer of Augsburg, and Anthony Koburger of Nuremberg; but, even more than the Golden type, it has a strong character of its own, which differs largely from that of any medial fount. It has recently been pirated abroad, and is advertised by an enterprising German firm as Die amerikanische Triumph-Gothisch. The Golden type has perhaps fared worse in being remodelled in the United States, whence, with much of its character lost, it has found its way back to England under the names. It is strange that no one has yet had the good sense to have the actual type of Nicholas Jenson reproduced.
The third type used at the Kelmscott Press, called calendar printers differ from the Troy type only in size, being Pica instead of Great Primer. It was cut by Mr. Prince between February and May, 1892, and was ready in June. Its first appearance is in the list of chapters and glossary of The Recuyell of the Historyes of Troye, which was issued on November 24th, 1892. On June 2nd of that year, William Morris wrote to Mr. Prince that I believe in about three months time I shall be ready with a new set of sketches for a fount of type on English body. These sketches were not forthcoming; but on Nov. 5th, 1892, he bought a copy of Augustinus De Civitate Dei, printed at the Monastery of Subiaco near Rome by Sweynheym and Pannartz, with a rather compressed type, which appears in only three known books. He at once designed a lower case alphabet on this model, but was not satisfied with it and did not have it cut. This was his last actual experiment in the designing of type, though he sometimes talked of designing a new fount, and of having the Golden type cut in a larger size.
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