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Paper folding box printing
Origin:Image Printing  Data: 9/25/2011  Keywords: paper folding box printing
It appears that Caxton continued his employment at Westminster, with considerable success paper folding box printing possible. Paper folding box printing services suppliers seem to have been extensively patronised, and to have been a person of great moral worth. It is supposed to have lived to beyond the age of eighty. Wynkyn de Worde, who was an assistant, and afterwards succeeded Caxton, was a foreigner, born in the dukedom of Lorrain. He made great improvements, especially in the form of his types. Most of his books now remaining, were printed in Fleet Street, at the sign of the Sun. He died in 1534.
Richard Pynson, who had been brought up under Caxton for paper folding box printing jbs, set up a Press at Temple Bar, and was the first who obtained the patent of Kings Printer; he died in 1529. After this paper folding box printing job, Printing was practised very generally, not only in London, but in many other places, especially Oxford and Cambridge, both which Universities obtained the exclusive right, which they still retain, of Printing all Bibles and Prayer Books; that is, with the exception of the person holding the patent of King'Printer, who also has this right.
The principle of moveable Types having been once introduced, little room was left for improvement, beyond the slight variations in the form of the Letters, which, as a matter of taste, would always be liable to fluctuate: a comparison of works, printed at different periods, will exemplify this. An experiment was made some years since, in Logographic, or Word Printing; the Words of most frequent occurrence being cast together, instead of setting them up in single Letters; but it does not appear to have succeeded, or to have been generally adopted, though a Volume, at least, was printed on this plan, which the Publishers of this little work happen to have in their possession. In the improvement of the Printing Press, and the manufacture of Printing Ink, a larger sphere was opened, inasmuch as to the advancement of these, Printing must be ever indebted for its degrees of excellence. Printing Ink is a sort of Black Varnish, the making of which is still a secret in the hands of the manufacturers, so far as its finer qualities are concerned.
Its requisites are that it should have a sufficient for paper folding box printing jobs, and not too great a degree of tenacity; that it should produce a perfectly black impression, and that it should dry quickly: in proportion as the Ink is deficient in these qualities, it will be liable to injure the paper, or produce specks, to surround the printing with a yellow hue, from the too great preponderance of the oily ingredients; or to soil the paper during the subsequent processes. The excellence of the Printing of Baskerville was chiefly attributable to his discoveries in the art of Ink Making. The late Mr. Bulmer, also, who printed some of the most splendid works of the last half century, was very successful in his experiments of paper folding box printing. The manufacture is now in the hands of several persons, who are eminent in this art, and who have made it a distinct branch of business.
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