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Gift packaging box printing
Origin:Image Printing  Data: 9/25/2011  Keywords: gift packaging box printing
With gift packaging box printing service in addition to designing the cover and before your gift packaging box printing jobs can be submitted to our printers, it will be worked upon by one of our copy editors. We want your book not only to look attractive but to be able to convey its information to the intended readership as easily and effectively as possible. Your copy editor will help you consider such things as the size of your gift packaging box printing job. Its formatting and layout, the best font to use, styles of chapter headings, spaces between paragraphs, headers, footers, page numbering, Contents, possible Bibliography and so on. They will then go on to perform essential checks for spelling errors, punctuation and correctness of page and chapter layout and so on. Most importantly, they consider your book from the point of view of the reader: does the story flow from one event to the next, what happened to a certain character, is there consistency etc? For factual or educational books, are the references and quotations correct? Does it flow logically? Sometimes, for the content to be coherent or to read well, it requires the copy editor to reword, add or insert text, but this is always in the author's voice. Any reworking must give all the appearance of having been written by you! It is not intended that our copy editors should rewrite your book, and any changes or additions will be agreed with you along the way.
This process usually involves several rounds of exchanging PDF files of latest draft versions between you and the copy editor. We have found that most books require at least three draft versions, each of which advances the work another step closer to the finished book. If an Index is to be added, this will be the very last process once all the text and pagination has been agreed since subsequent changes to the text will affect the Index too! Please note there is an extra fee of US$250 to be paid by the author in advance direct to the copy editor if indexing is required. If logistically possible we will arrange for you to meet your dedicated copy editor in person at the very outset of the process. If not, he or she will keep in contact with you by telephone and/or email and will provide your gift packaging box printing service with a sample chapter early on to make sure he or she is going in the right direction with your book. Your book cover designer will also keep in touch with you throughout your book production process. We appreciate that you may have spent years of work upon your book so you will view the prospect of reading over several more versions with less than enthusiasm! At Image Printing we view this process as extremely important, however, and, as you have entrusted us with publishing your book, the finished book should reflect our highest standards, so please help our copy editors to help you! Your readers will thank you.
At the very end of the book-publishing process, after all copy editing opportunities have been exhausted and the author is happy with the final Word file, a PDF file is created and sent to the printer and a Sample copy is produced which exactly replicates the book as it will physically appear after production. Professionalism and experience as well as expertise are the main qualities you should look for when choosing the right graphic designer for your book's cover. All the book cover and book jacket designers that Image Printing uses have the required skills to do the important task of the one-glimpse-and-it-sells test for the cover of your book. You do not want your self-published book to appear amateurish or homemade, and all our graphic designers, who are very knowledgeable about the book printing/publishing industry, have very high levels of skills and creativity, as well as the most up to date software and access to stock photography, so as to make your book's cover stand out from all the rest. After we have received your contract and payment you will be contacted direct by one of our designated book cover designers who will ask you to provide your careful thoughts as to how you want your book's cover to look, as this is entirely down to you. Whether you have ideas, thoughts, a photograph or illustration, they can be incorporated into the design of your book's cover, and of course you can make changes and corrections to your original thoughts or ideas, within reason, until you are fully satisfied with the cover's final look. You will also need to give some thought to what text you would like on the back cover that will give the public some indication of the content of gift packaging box printing service.
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