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A good paper for photo book printing job to book printers
Origin:Image Printing  Data: 8/27/2011  Keywords: photo book printing job
A good paper for photo book printing job ought to feel tight and healthy, not clammy and soft, as if a little muscle were required by book printers. Paper-makers say that a good paper for most regular photo book printing jobs has plenty of guts in it, a forcible if not extremely polite expression. In buying a good paper always look out for the guts. Clay gives paper a soft feel. Perhaps the first qualification for book printers about a good writing paper is its cleanliness and freedom from specks of all kinds. A dirty paper is never salable except to dirty people and firms who do not mind using dirty materials.
A varnish for paper in many book printing jobs which produces no stains may be prepared as follows; clear dammar resin is covered in a flask, with four and a half to six times its weight of acetone, and book printers allowed to stand for fourteen days at a moderate temperature, after which the clear solution is poured off. Three parts of this solution are mixed with four parts of thick colluding, and the mixture allowed becoming clear by standing. It is applied with a soft hair brush in vertical strokes. At first the coating looks like a thin, white film, but on complete drying it becomes transparent and shining. It should be laid on two or three times. It retains its elasticity under all circumstances, and remains glossy in every kind of weather.
Metals may be rapidly colored by covering their surfaces with a thin layer of euphoric acid. According to the thickness of the layer and the durability of its action, there may be obtained tints of gold, copper, carmine, chestnut-brown, clear and aniline blue and reddish-white. These tints are all brilliant, and if care be taken to scour the metallic objects before treating them with the acid, the color will suffer nothing from the polishing. A mixture for cheaply gilding bronzes, gas-fittings, two and one-half pounds cyanide of potash, five ounces carbonate of potash and two ounces cyan ate of poetess, the whole diluted in five pints of water, containing in solution one-fourth ounce chloride of gold. The mixture must be used at boiling heat, and, after it has been applied, the gilt surface must be varnished over.
When a chamois skin gets into a dirty condition, rub plenty of soft soap into it, and allow it to soak for a couple of hours in a weak solution of soda and water. Then rub it until it appears quite clean. Now take a weak solution of warm water, soda and yellow soap, and rinse the leather in this liquor, afterward wringing it in a rough towel, and drying it as quickly as possible. Do not use water alone, as that would harden the leather and make it useless. When dry brush it well and pull it about; the result will be that the leather will become almost as soft as fine silk, and will be, to all intents and purposes, far superior to most new leathers.
In dressing store windows avoid as far as possible placing cards or note sheets flat; endeavor in some manner to have them erect, leaning against a box or placed upon a small easel. Neither crowds your window nor place things in exact rows. Give each article plenty of space in your window; then you does not need so much to fill up, and on the following week put in the pieces you might have displayed the previous week had you crowded your window.
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