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Book printers use another type known smaller book printing company
Origin:Image Printing  Data: 8/27/2011  Keywords: smaller book printing company
Book printers began to use another type known cast from the matrices, but a shade smaller book printing company, and easily distinguishable by the lowercase which is entirely different in character from that used in the earlier fount. With this he printed on the 14th July 1489, the Faytts of Armes and Chivalry, and between that date and the day of his death three romances, the Foure Sons of Aymon, Blanchardin, and Eneydos; the second editions of Reynard the Fox, the Book of Courtesy, book printing company, the Mirror of the World, and the Directorium Sacerdotum, and the third edition of the Dictes and Sayinges.
To the same period belong the editions of the Art and Craft to Know Well to Die, the Ars Moriendi, and the Vitas Patrum. But in addition to type 6, which Blades believed to be the last used by book printers, there is evidence of his having possessed two other founts during the latter part of his life. With one of them, type No. 7, somewhat resembling types book printing company, he printed two editions of the Indulgence of Johannes de Gigliis in 1489, and it was also used for the sidenotes to the Speculum Christi, printed in 1494 by Wynkyn de Worde. Type No. 8 was also a black letter of the same character, smaller than No. 3, and distinguished from any other of book printers founts by the short, rounded, and tailless letter and the set of capitals with dots. He used it in the Liber Festivalis, the Ars Moriendi, and the Fifteen Oes, his only extant book printed with borders, and it was afterwards used by Wynkyn de Worde.
Book printers in year 1491, after a long, busy, and useful life. book printing company record is indeed a noble one. After spending the greater part of his life in following the trade to which he was apprenticed, with all its active and onerous duties, he, at the time of life when most men begin to think of rest and quiet, set to work to learn the art of printing books. Nor was he content with this, but he devoted all the time that he could spare to editing and translating for his press, and according to Wynkyn de Worde it was that he finished the version of the Lives of the Fathers, which De Worde issued in 1495. His work as an editor and translator shows him to have been a man of extensive reading, fairly acquainted with the French and Dutch languages, and to have possessed not only an earnest purpose, but with it a quiet sense of humour, that crops up like ore in a vein of rock in many of his prologues.
Of his private life we know nothing, but figures in the churchwarden accounts of St. Margaret is generally believed to have been his wife. His will has not yet been discovered, though it very likely exists among the uncalendared documents at Westminster Abbey, from which Mr. Scott has already gleaned a few records relating to him, though none of biographical interest. We know, however, from the parish accounts of St. Margarets, Westminster, that he left to those church fifteen copies of the Golden Legend, twelve of which were sold at prices varying between.
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