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How Book Printers Distinguish Different Book Binding Leather
Origin:Image Printing  Data: 8/19/2011  Keywords: Book Printers, Book Printing Companies

It is very important for book printers to distinguish different book binding leather materials. The sales and estimator in book printing companies should take the responsibility of learning more about these materials. Here we would like to introduce bond leather and artificial leather, so book printers could have a general idea or find for their reference.

Bond Leather is the leather fibers, cross-linked fibers, resins and other additives mixed for book printing companies. The process as: the leather or of composition leather raw material crushed into a certain size of skin fibers, and then with natural rubber, resins and other raw materials, mixing, will be compressed into a cake; the cake heat to the surface fiber melt with viscosity, the layers of extrusion, bonding, dehydration molding, dry, sliced, embossing and surface treatment to get the final product. Regeneration of both leather and PU leather characteristics, is now very common leather, sofa fabric. Like with leather, recycled leather with moisture, air permeability, good work also has a leather like softness, elasticity, texture, light, resistant to extreme high and low temperature and strong, wear-resistant for book printers. The downside is that the same intensity difference in the thickness of the leather, recycled leather production process as more flexible, real-time adjustments, so by increasing the amount of natural latex, formula change process, can also make a variety of different hardness, different intensity products to compensate for book printing companies deficiencies. The late finish and PU is similar in texture and color on the surface is regenerated leather color not only renovated, new product after another through. More importantly, she was very competitive prices, only one-tenth of leather, PU three times, great value, cost-effective. Called Bonded Leather or foreign Reborn Leather. B is a PVC artificial leather, polyurethane and other resins for the paint, cloth, woolen cloth for the base material made of, the general gas-tight, but with the scientific and technological progress, leather technology matures, product quality greatly improved, especially In the simulation of leather, it can be taken as real, its permeability, softness, feel and appearance, and many other aspects are similar to natural leather. Synthetic leather surface is mainly polyurethane resin, in the material is polyester, cotton, polypropylene and other synthetic fiber manufacturing non-woven, with some ventilation, but not as good as sports leather.

Genuine leather, artificial leather and bond leather can be used several ways to distinguish between the following:

(1). First, from the leather patterns, pores, etc. to identify, in a natural leather surface pattern can be seen, pores, and distribution, the opposite has motor fibers, side cross-section level, obviously, the lower animals fiber, will appear with a fingernail scraping swab leather fibers erect, with raising the feeling of a small amount of fiber can also be dropped off; leather negative to see fabric, synthetic leather, like the side of it and no animal fiber, the general surface without pores, but some are man-made leather pores, will be There are obvious pores exist, the pattern is not obvious, or have more regular artificial pattern, the pores are fairly consistent; recycled leather although there are animal fibers, but they are shorter broken fiber, the surface is not the natural pattern and pores
(2). Flexible leather handle, leather face down the 900 or so there will be natural fold, respectively, in different parts of the bend, the resulting thickness of folds, number, obviously uneven, which can be determined that the leather, because leather has a natural sexual fibrous structure.
Artificial, the synthetic leather feels like plastic, response is poor, the thickness of folds to bend down, how many are similar.
(3). Genuine
leather coat with an very strong flavor, even after the schistosity, the taste is more obvious; and artificial leather, synthetic leather products, there are stocks of plastic taste, no taste of fur.
(4). Take a little sample burned, the main focus is to sniff and smell the ashes to see the state. P
lastic flavor, burnt sticky after cooling will harden into a block.
(5). Genuine leather is generally not with the ambient temperature changes feel hard and soft changes.
Artificial leather, synthetic leather in the refrigerator freezer temperatures feel stiff, it appears under the light spread soft baking.

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