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More and more Foreign newspapers to be printed in China?
Origin:Image Printing  Data: 5/13/2011  Keywords: printed in China,Foreign newspapers printed

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More and more Foreign newspapers to be printed in China?

Newspaper Direct, Inc. the world leader in digital print-on-demand newspaper distribution, announced this week that it has signed an agreement with Beijing Founder Easiprint Co. Ltd. (Founder), a part of the $3-billion revenue (USD) Founder Group, which will enable, for the first time, foreign newspapers to be printed in the People's Republic of China. The agreement provides Founder with distribution and printing rights throughout China for all Newspaper Direct's hundreds of print-on-demand newspaper titles.

Both companies see the agreement as an important step in opening the country to foreign media, especially in the run-up to the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Starting in August 2006, NewspaperDirect and Founder will be providing overseas business people visiting or living in the world's fastest-growing economy with same-day access to their favourite newspapers.

China seems to be the hottest place on the global map to do offshore printing. It is now expected by the industry people that China will be the global leader in printing industry in the near future. Presently, China has some 1,80,000 printing plants employing 3.400 million workers. Apart from these local companies, government awards licenses to the overseas printing companies that seek to establish branches in the country. Right from the catalog printing or book printing China to customized printing, China is fast becoming the preferred destination among the companies globally.

Through this agreement, Founder Easiprint's rapidly growing chain of over 200 franchised print shops in China will be authorized to print any of the titles published by NewspaperDirect's publishing partners. These titles include The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune (USA), The Times, The Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph (UK), Le Monde, Le Figaro (France), Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (Germany), Neue Zurcher Zeitung (Switzerland), Mainichi Shimbun (Japan), The Globe and Mail and National Post (Canada).

For publishers this provides an exciting opportunity to be in at the ground floor of foreign newspaper distribution in China. The country is visited by many more foreigners each year, and they will now be able to receive same-day, digitally printed copies of their favorite daily newspapers.

"We are excited by the opportunity to partner with NewspaperDirect to print and distribute the world's press in China," said Mr. Qi Degui, General Manager of Founder Easiprint Co., Ltd. "We are honored to be the first company allowed to print foreign newspapers in China."

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First Book in English Printed in China.

Worldcat shows three English titles printed by P.P. Thoms in 1815 in Macao and Canton and nothing earlier:

A dictionary of the Chinese language. Macao : Printed at the Honorable
East India Co.'s Press, by P.P. Thoms, 1815-1823.

Translations from the original Chinese. Canton : Printed by P.P. Thoms,

Sanyoulow, or, the three dedicated rooms : a tale translated from the
Chinese. Canton, China : Printed by order of the select committee, at
the honorable East India Co.'s Press, by P.P. Thoms, 1815.

The Current Status of the Chinese Printing Industry Read the original news

After entering the new century, especially after its entry into WTO, China has maintained a high speed in economy and social development. In 2003, China's GDP exceeded 11.6 trillion RMB (approximately 1.4 trillion US$), an increase of 8.5% over the previous 2002. The volume of import and export exceeded 851 billion US$ and foreign direct investment reached 53.5 billion US$, up 37% and 1.4%, respectively. China's national foreign-exchange reserves reached 403 billion US$, an increase of 40% over the past year.

Overall national strength has increased remarkably. With the development of economy, culture, press & publication and foreign trade and with the improvement of living standard of the people, huge and diversified market needs have been created for all sectors of printing industry, including publication printing, package printing, commercial printing and other types of printing. In 2003, about 190,000 kinds of books, 9,165 kinds of magazines and 2,000 kinds of newspaper were published. About 4.5 trillion valued products for domestic market and 430 billion US$ valued products for overseas market have to be packaged and printed. This, together with other printing demands, provides a huge market for the printing and packaging industries. By 2005 the growth will be compounded year-on-year by a minimum of 40% per year up to at least 2010.

At the Second China International Cultural Industry Fair at Shenzhen, a southern city in China, Mr wang, director of the General Administration of Press and Publications, announced that total output value of China's printing industry in 2008 was RMB 1330 billion or $ 241 Billion. This amount accounts to 2% of the GDP of China. Mr. Lang, output value of the printing China sector is expected to grow by 8% annually during the next five years. It is being estimated that the printing industry in China is all set to make up 2.5% of the GDP in 2010. Much like the printing industry, packaging China is also making news in the global scene. At the opening ceremony of the World Packaging Conference 2006, which was organized in China, Mr. Shi Wanpeng, president of the China Packaging Federation announced that output of the Chinese packaging industry reached over US$ 50 billion in 2005. This amount is 2.2% of China's total output value. According to Mr. Wanpeng, packaging China industry was listed 14th among the 42 major industries in 2005. In spite of these facts, the packaging industry in China still requires truly international standard packaging facilities.

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