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Preparation before Interview to Book Printing Company
Origin:Image Printing  Data: 4/30/2011  Keywords: Book Printing Company

If you are called to interview by a book printing company, acknowledge quickly. If you decide not to go, say so, and give others the opportunity. Book printing company often shortlist between six and a dozen, with possibly a few marginal reserves. Prepare thoroughly beforehand. First, research the book printing company, its books or promotions. Why do you find them interesting? This greatly improves your chances. Second, think of answers to probable questions. As a book printing company, what would you be looking for? What are your particular strengths? From your research, you should be able to deal with questions that relate to your interest in the job and test your knowledge of the book printing company. Also you should be prepared to discuss what you think are the most important skills needed. You may be asked what you feel would be the most mundane or frustrating parts of the job and how you would cope with them. The thinking you put into your CV and letter is apposite to questions such as, why do you want to go into book printing? How is your previous experience applicable? Why do you think you are suitable? What are your major strengths? What makes you think you will be good at this job? What are your interests or hobbies? What books do you read? These questions may be asked especially by consumer book printing company. Cite books which correspond to their interests and be prepared to analyze briefly why you think they work. Be prepared for questions which probe facts, explore your feelings, judgment and motivation. You may well be asked to explain why you left a job. Do not blame the previous employer or specific individuals.  

As all hardcover book printing material passes between editor and designer and between publisher and suppliers it is handled by production at every stage, as are any problems with suppliers. Outgoing material is accompanied by documentation and orders; incoming material is logged, sent on to editors and designers, and return dates agreed. If the return dates are not adhered to, the machine time booked at the printers will be missed and the book unduly delayed. When Harper Collins published Blood of Angels by Michael Marshall in 2005, the target audience was mainly female, ABC1, and serious crime a ficionados. The hardback was promoted in the press, there is a link between reading crime and newspaper readership but not with outdoor advertising, the travelers tend to read paperbacks. With a clear view of book printing market segments amongst book consumers, publishers can decide whether to target a particular audience. This will have implications for the cover design, where any advertising is placed, and what type of media coverage is planned. Other ways of segmenting the market include by retail channel: there are different demographics for those purchasing books at Water stones or in supermarkets. A book may be seen as ideal for promotion through a particular channel. In international book printing market, there are various ways of organizing export sales staff within a publishing house. In small firms the sales director may be responsible for home sales and for export arrangements, spending perhaps one or two months abroad annually. In larger firms there are separate export departments headed by an export sales manager, who reports to the sales director. An export manager may be supported by office staff. In still larger firms, there may be an international sales director in charge of staff such as regional sales executives or area export managers who look after all the group lists in specific areas of the world, such as mainland Europe, or are possibly concerned with particular lists of the group. They are usually responsible for all export sales within their designated areas and for the arrangements made with various kinds of overseas agents. Their direct selling may also extend to major importers and bookshops.


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