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How to Prepare a CV before Application to a Book Printing Company
Origin:Image Printing  Data: 4/30/2011  Keywords: prepare the CV for Book Printing

It is very important for the guy to prepare the CV when you have the plan to enter a book printing company. Under personal details give your full name, contact address with home and mobile telephone numbers, email, date of birth, and nationality. The education section lists college and school details, with dates, courses taken, grades achieved, special projects, scholarships, prizes. Spotlight any occupational training courses which show relevant skills.
If you have relevant employment and work experience, you will want to put this near to the top of the CV, usually in reverse chronological order the most recent first. Provide employers names, your job titles with duties and responsibilities, promotions, special awards, and accomplishments (for example ideas that reduced costs, increased portability, streamlined administration), a few key points for each job. Relevant work outside book printing should be emphasized, for example office, library or bookshop work, preparing a firms literature or magazine, compiling mailing lists, public and customer relations, teaching, and work overseas. Whatever the CV format, the skills emphasized may be those pertaining particularly to specific jobs, for example design or proofreading, and those which are more generic, such as computer literacy, website development, driving, languages, numeracy, administration, communication (for example, presentations, telesales).

Against the background of hardcover book printing in campus bookstores and the reluctance of booksellers to hold stock of academic titles, conference exhibitions provide an opportunity for academics to see the main titles. During term time reps usually visit two to three secondary schools per day or up to five primary schools. Large primary schools warrant coverage similar to a secondary school. The number of schools visited per day is related to their proximity. Educational publishers usually hold two or three sales conferences a year, before the opening of terms, at which the commissioning editors present the new books and digital resources. The marketing/sales manager directs the priorities. The reps relate what they are told at the centre to their particular areas and schools. Conferences enable the reps to report on sales, and on the response from their schools. Reluctant buyers are eventually triggered into building up their stock by the students. Only a small number of booksellers stock monographs and high-priced reference books; such books are supplied by bookshops in response to orders. However academic reps also sell titles more dependent on retail exposure, these may be used by students as background reading or for reference. One example is OUP series of Very Short Introductions. A crucial aim is to get bookshops to stock and display the books. Booksellers are encouraged to distribute promotional material and to mount special displays at back-to college time. 

School textbook printing and some children book printing company employs a core of full-time educational reps supplemented with term-time reps often parents or ex-teachers. The large publishers have separate sales forces covering primary and secondary schools, and possibly the further education sector. Additionally, they may appoint specialist advisers (ex-teachers) in the major subject areas. They provide product training for reps, give talks to teachers and promote to local advisers.

The demand and consume to book printing jobs is becoming much numerous along with the development and communication in worldwide scale. Book Day, and in 2007 schoolchildren received a book token to spend on a specially created or they could put it towards the cost of any book. Quick Reads was launched on World Book Day in 2006 to provide fast-paced, bite-sized books by bestselling writers for emergent readers, anyone who had lost the reading habit or simply wanted a short, fast read. 2008 was declared the National Year of Reading with the aim of building a greater national love of reading. Other initiatives include City Reads, which began in Seattle in 1998, where a whole city is encouraged to read the same book. In the spring of 2007, the centenary of the birth of Daphne du Maurer, everyone in Brighton was invited to read her novel Rebecca.

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