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The Application to a Position within Book Printing Company
Origin:Image Printing  Data: 4/30/2011  Keywords: Position within Book Printing

To secure an interview you must attract the book printing company attention by submitting a compelling and immaculately tailored CV and covering letter, without spelling mistakes, inconsistent punctuation or ungrammatical sentences. Many new entrants applying for their first book printing jobs, as well as those applying for subsequent jobs, fail on these points at this initial hurdle. A typical CV have the following headings personal details, personal statement (a short description of your attributes and personal qualities), education, relevant previous employment and work experience, paid and unpaid, other employment can be moved later on in the CV, skills and qualifications, personal interests and references.

The CV is an organized summary of the key facts (not opinions) about you. Bullet points may be a useful way of emphasizing essential points about a job or your degree. While emphasizing your assets, the CV must be truthful. Each element should prove to the book printing company that you have the qualities and skills for the job omit those that do not. It should not be longer than two A4 pages. For those with little work experience, the chronological CV laid out in a form style is usually the best approach. The information is listed in chronological order under headings.

Carrying many publisher lists, they are based in the UK or abroad. They receive a commission of from 10 to 15 per cent on net sales revenue from the territory. In mainland Europe, especially, such reps face a loss of commission on orders sent to UK wholesalers instead of via the rep or direct to their publisher, and also on internet sales. Penguin India, started in 1987, publishes a range of fiction and nonfiction books, predominantly by Indian authors. It also publishes in local languages. Other export sales not under the control of the publisher are made by the UK and US export wholesalers, booksellers, and library suppliers. However, they may deal with selected publishers from which they receive higher discounts than from wholesalers. With the UK market relatively mature, publishers look to overseas markets to boost sales of English editions. Sales staff will make visits to key markets and use local distributors and agents as the route to market. If the market is sufficiently strong, the company may set up its own office in the country. Publishers may also have joint ventures, companies set up in partnership with domestic publishers where they co-operate with domestic companies on particular projects - in export markets. The internet also provides a route to sell the Long Tail; the books that are not regularly stocked in bookshops. Customers searching online for a relevant title can come across slow-selling backlist titles as well as the current bestsellers. Certainly publishers have to ensure that their books are listed with sufficient information online, and they are using services such as Google Print and Amazons Search Inside as ways of attracting purchasers. Since independent booksellers rely on the trade wholesalers with their own sales forces, many have lost face-to-face contact with publishers. Hardcover book printing companies typically derive most of their sales revenue from a small number of customers, and small revenue from a great number. This so-called Pareto effect suggests that 20 per cent of customers might account for 80 per cent of total sales. In consumer book publishing, the bookselling chains have tended to dominate, followed by wholesalers and library suppliers. But a big order from a supermarket can put a book amongst the bestsellers, and the importance of the chains has been challenged by the supermarkets and internet booksellers.

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