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Film, TV and Audio Rights for Book Printing
Origin:Image Printing  Data: 4/25/2011  Keywords: Book Printing Company

Book printing company is often unfamiliar with selling rights to film and TV production companies, whereas the larger agent firms have developed an expertise in this area. Usually production companies will acquire an option in a novel, which gives them the right to come back within a fixed period and purchase the full rights to take a film into production. Lynette Owen comments on the chances of a work making it on to the screen. The proportion of films based on literary works should be seen in the context that between 5 per cent and 10 per cent of options are exercised and of those perhaps one in ten finally proceeds to production; television options have a higher success rate than film options. Since options should be paid for rather than granted free of charge, the income is nevertheless welcome.
Preferred partner arrangements with production companies enable book printing company to sublicense film and TV rights and in turn acquire the rights to publish books of upcoming programmer and films. Audio book rights can be licensed exclusively in two forms: abridged and unabridged. Some of the main trade book printing company operates their audio divisions which often abridge their own books, or license titles from agents or other trade book printing company which do not have their own audio book lists. There are also independent and specialist audio book printing company. Unabridged audio books tend to be produced by specialist book printing company supplying public libraries, which may also publish large print books, another right available for licensing. There is growing interest in making audio titles available for digital download on to devices such as iPods and mobile phones. Books can also be licensed for reading or dramatization on radio.

They are sometimes called content aggregators. Generally speaking, the publishers license a selection of their specialist titles, usually backlist academic, STM and professional titles (not major textbooks), to the aggregators, which in turn create ebook libraries or collections which are licensed to libraries on a subscription basis. Generally speaking the larger the institution in terms of staff and student numbers the higher its subscription. Users gain free access to the ebook collection via the library, protected by the institution?s password access. Historically, the higher profits and gross margins derived from journals have in effect cross-subsidized their hardcover book printing, which earned lower profits. The learned societies and associations also publish their own journals, or may have their journals produced and marketed for them under contract by the publishers. For many societies, journal publishing keeps them a float. The constant rise in scientific and other kinds of research (for example in China) is putting great pressure on the peer review process and on library budgets. The major publishers have developed their own e-platforms. For instance, in 1997 Elsevier launched the first large-scale e-platform, Science Direct, which allowed the STM community full online access to its journals and other databases (for example abstracts). In 2001 it had introduced the first online peer review system and by 2003 had completed the digitization of its back issues, the first back file collection to be made available online. Wiley?s InterScience had a similar programme, due for completion in 2007. The major publishers are large enough to deal directly with the institutional librarians or purchasing consortia (some at state or nation state level), through which the institution?s subscriptions to journals (and ebook collections) are negotiated. Platforms such as ScienceDirect are brands. The publishers compete on the usability of their platforms, such as reliability, speed, and ease of use and browsing. However, the strength of the platform is based on the brand value of the individual journals. Publishers without their own platforms may use companies like Ingenta or HighWire. The smaller publishers, in the main, use subscription agents, such as Blackwell?s Information Services and Swets, through which libraries obtain their journals from a vast number of publishers. The US aggregators of journals and content databases, such as EBSCO and ProQuest, provide library access to the output of publishers. The subscription agents are developing their businesses in many directions.

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