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The Value of Book Printing Company Association
Origin:Image Printing  Data: 4/25/2011  Keywords: Book Printing Company

A report published by The Book Printing Company Association put a value on the rights sales for the larger book printing company in the UK. The total income in 2004 was with 56 per cent from co-editions and 44 per cent from the sale of other rights. Foreign language co-editions accounted for 64 per cent of co-edition sales; the remainder is English language co-editions. For foreign language co-editions, 52 per cent of sales were in Western Europe, 13 per cent were in Nordic countries, 12 per cent in central and Eastern Europe, and 9 per cent in Asia.
For English language co-editions, 56 per cent of sales were to USA and Canada, and 44 per cent in the UK, including book clubs. Under the sale of other rights, the embryonic area of electronic rights totaled 4.2M Pounds, mainly in the sectors of academic and reference book printing. Rights staff may also check and monitor the contracts made between the book printing company and authors, and offer their expertise on copyright and media law. Separate permissions staff may carry out necessary reactive work, which involves responding to requests for copyright permission to reproduce material. Non-exclusive license allows a book printing company to enter into agreements with other third parties extracts of text, tables, technical illustrations) from the firms books.

The effect of EPOS installations was that booksellers placed smaller orders more frequently (provided that a title was stocked in the first place) and expected faster deliveries. Nielsen Book Scan collects the sales data by title from almost all of the different kinds of book retailers from across the country and from internet booksellers, and produces various bestseller charts which are published in The Bookseller weekly. Data is also sold to interested parties. Thus, for example, hardcover book printing company can not only monitor the sales performance of their own titles but also that of competitors.But they extended their reach into serving some of the retail chains and supermarkets, entered the school library supply market (long restricted to specialist suppliers) and began to export. The retail outlets summarized above account for most of the UK retail sales of books. The book printing company sells their new titles directly to the retailers (or via wholesalers). But the data of actual sales made by the retailers to their customers is of critical importance to the retailers, wholesalers and book printing company. The installation by retailers of electronic point of sale (EPOS) systems, reading the bar codes on covers when sales are made, enables the retailers to monitor the rate of sale of titles and to control their inventory (by reordering the titles which sell or by returning unsold titles to the book printing company).

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