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Sales forecasting and inventory control for book printing company
Origin:Image Printing  Data: 4/21/2011  Keywords: book printing company

In theory, the book printing company sales department of a consumer book publisher should receive the orders from the book trade three months ahead of publication - in practice, orders often arrive after the publisher has set the print run quantity. Therefore the publisher has to forecast. The management of the sales department has conventionally based their forecasts on judgement and experience, historic data of the firm's similar books, and the conversations they have held with the book trade's senior buyers. More recently they have the aid of forecasting software, either the publisher's own or supplied by specialistfi rms.

Sales forecasting about Commercial Printing and translating it into the actual number to print of a book, especially one of expected high sales volume, is part of the risk decision for the Printing and Packaging Companies publisher. The view of the sales department is critical. Printing too many copies at the outset would lead to large stock write-offs if the book does not sell; printing too few and being unable to fulfil demand quickly enough on reprint would lead to lost sales and antagonize the book trade and readers. For consumer book publishers, the all-important Christmas market of short intensity is the most diffi cult to predict, with surprise and often quirky bestsellers popping up each year.

Acquiring translation rights gives the purchaser the right to publish a work in a particular language. In the case of adult consumer books, translation rights (for some or all foreign languages) are often retained by agents. But if they are held by the hardcover book printing company, the titles are promoted abroad by email and telephone, and personally at major book fairs or through sales visits. Book printing company within a language market area are selected and sent material simultaneously. Academic titles take some time to be reviewed. Foreign language editions may increase export sales of the English language edition owing to the books increased exposure, but there is also the argument that the translation rights should be withheld, for example in Europe, to encourage the sales of the English language edition. Continental European book printing company will want to race their translations of consumer titles through to capitalize on the original publication and to avoid loss of sales from purchasers of the English edition. They may simply produce typeset pages from fully coded disks supplied by the publisher, or convert the publishers file to XML after a book is printed; or they may digitize the backlist. There is a diminished role for typesetters in a world where designers supply the finished files. The typesetters that remain specialize in the larger, more complex jobs, such as legal and science or medical reference books, and, being labor intensive,  much of this work is carried out in countries such as India. Some publishers supply authors with templates, however, and so for text books the authors essentially typeset the book as they write. Some firms offer additional editorial and design services while others concentrate on highly technical material or text database management. The vast number of titles with no or minimal illustrations do not require designers to layout the pages the typesetters largely automated pagination systems do it for the publishers. They can generally take a 100,000-word manuscript and submit page proofs to a publisher within two weeks C much faster if supplied with coded disks. Typesetters use a variety of applications, such as QuarkXPress and Adobe InDesign. Only typesetters who have specialist-trained staff operate the very expensive and sophisticated programs designed especially for academic books and journals (such as Arbortext Advanced Print Publisher C formerly 3B2). LaTeX, pronounced laytek, is an open source program with many variants, designed by mathematicians in Chicago for authors of physics and mathematics to present their papers and books full of equations in an attractive way.

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