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The Costs Confidential to Book Printing Company
Origin:Image Printing  Data: 4/3/2011  Keywords: Book Printing, Book Printing China, Book Printing Company

Book printing company rarely shows their confidential costing of a book to authors. But somebody provides here their preliminary estimate for this book which was compiled by the development editor for signing off by the publisher. Prepared in advance of the handover of the typescript to the publisher, it is revised during the course of production to take account of the inevitable changes to the specification and sales prospects. The preliminary estimate is reproduced here in three parts, they are product specification, estimated production costs and income and expenditure showing the estimated gross and net profit.

There are other costing spreadsheets lying behind these figures which are not reproduced here. The publishing proposal is for a new edition of a textbook, the sales history of which stretches back 20 years. It is, however, costed as a new book with the advantage that the likely demand can be informed from its past history. Seven years after the publication of the 3rd edition, annual softcover book printing qty are around 450 copies. An active used book market for all three editions is all too evident on the internet. Its medium is classified as a printed product, based on a copy sales business model. The various other ways it may be sold or licensed, for example as an Ebook or in translation, are not shown.

The printed product is published simultaneously in two editions, paperback and hardback, each of which is allocated an ISBN. The plan is to print 1200 copies of the paperback edition to meet the sales expectation over the first 18 months, and to reprint 500 copies to meet demand from 18-36 months. The life-cycle calculation is thus three years, typical for a textbook adopted annually on courses. Major textbooks are usually maintained on a three-year revision to new edition cycle. The estimate starts by locating the product within the organization, part of the international group. It summarizes the paperback specification. Its extent is stated at 224 pages. This is an even working of seven 32-page printed sections, with no oddment, a printed section of less than 32 pages which would increase the costs every time the book is litho printed. The format (or page size) is pinched crown quarto; the interior (the text) is printed in one colour (black) by litho printing on 90gsm paper from a PDF file. The binding (or cover) is a new design, printed in CMYK (four colors) on a heavier paper of 240gsm, with a matt laminated finish. The binding is notch which means the spine folds are glued together but not cut off. The numbers of illustrations and tables are estimated. An assessment is made of the amount of work required.

FOR AN EXAMPLE and a paint-by-the-numbers outline on how to construct a dynamite news release. NEW RELEASE OUTLINE. NEED SOMEONE TO WRITE ADS OR NEWS RELEASES? Every contact you make with the media should be considered an interview. They are always listening. Do you have energy in your voice? How do you sound? Are you a fast answer book printing company? Stand when you are on the phone and smile when you talk. Your alertness and excitement will come through in your voice.

Even if they say you are on, you can still be cancelled. PR LEADS LISTS THE STORIES THE MEDIA IS WORKING ON. Contacting a journalist working on amatching story is a fast, easy and economical way to get your message (with a book mention) into print. REALLY COOL WAY TO PITCH YOUR BOOK TO MEDIA. SUCCESSFUL PR COVER LETTER & RELEASE SAMPLES. NEWS RELEASE COPY WRITING TIP FROM JAY ABRAHAM. To come up with descriptive terms and buzz words to describe your book, read reviews of similar booksat. WRITING NEWS RELEASES, SALES LETTERS, AND ADS. Learn the inner secrets of writing news releases, sales letters, articles, and books that grab readers and hold them with the proven copywriting methods.

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