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Consumer Book Printing Field Market Research
Origin:Image Printing  Data: 3/31/2011  Keywords: Consumer Book Printing

In consumer book printing field, good personal contacts are paramount for commissioning. Editor contacts are the members of senior management who accept or veto projects; the people who produce the books; and those who market and sell them. But more significant are the external contacts.

Prime sources of new books are the previously published authors. They often have new ideas, or editors suggest ideas to them which are developed jointly. In consumer book printing, editors try to establish a mutual trust with authors and their agents. Agents may send fiction manuscripts or non-fiction proposals to selected editors one at a time, or sometimes conduct auctions amongst several publishers on highly saleable titles. Conversely an editor may contact an agent if they are after one of their stable of authors, or have an idea and want the agent to find an author.

Fiction editors may find new talent by spotting people who can write well, not necessarily fiction. They may be journalists or writers who are being published poorly or in an uncommercial medium. Non-fiction editors develop contacts in a variety of fields, constantly keep an ear to the ground, notice enthusiasms, or review the media for topical subjects. They try to predict trends or events which will be in the interest, monitor successful book categories and authors by understanding what makes them good and why are they selling, and either avoid the competition, or attempt to find unfilled niches by developing a new twist. They write speculatively to people who have the potential to capture the imagination. Specialist fields, clubs and societies and their magazines and websites can be sources of ideas and authors, and indicate level of interest. Editors interested in television and film tie-ins keep abreast of new productions and monitor audience ratings.

Whether you are in the market for a cell phone, voice recorder, television set, or any electronic device, look at digital models first. Then look for models without moving parts; they use more energy (batteries). For example, the cassette tape is history. Spinning minidisks could be next. Voice recorders are using stationary flash memory cards. According to media expertand author Michael Levine, in the last year, newspaper and book printing company stocks in the S&P 500 are down 9%, as readers devote more attention to blogs and media buyers send more dollars to the likes of Google and Yahoo. Thousands of published authors say YES! E-ZINES create repeat impressions.

The Publishing Poynters ezine is hosted by Spark List. A Resource Guide provides tips and lists the help you will need to write, produce, publish and promote a newsletter. Too many ezines are senton Mondays and most (smaller/newer) publishers do their reading on weekends. So we try to send Publishing Poynters before the weekend of the publication date. PUBLICITY HOUND TIPS OF THE WEEK is a free newsletter from media relations expert Joan Stewart. Her auto responder will send you a bonus copy of 89 Reasons to Send a News Release. Articles and quotations (great fillers) that may be used by editors of magazine, newsletters and web sites. Full of tips and resources on book writing, publishing and promoting Subscribe, unsubscribe and get past issues. Covering multiple items and news angles makes your release lose focus and it is hard for an editor to use it. SEND NEWS RELEASES OUT MONTHLY (most periodicals are monthlies) to the lists noted in the Book Review section.

 At Image Printing, we use the offset printing technique, which means quality products, cheaper prices, and a quick turnaround. Ask for a sample packet to see the professional printing that we provide. Watch your quote change immediately as you customize your order. Welcome to Image Printing! We are a professional China offset printing company;we provide offset printing service to the worldwide based on productions in Shenzhen China.

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