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The Intellectual Property in Book Printing Companies
Origin:Image Printing  Data: 3/27/2011  Keywords: Printing Companies Intellectual Property

In book printing companies, the intellectual property (IP) includes its copyrights and licenses. The publisher may own some copyrights or have acquired licenses from their authors. Other IP may be brands which could be registered as trade marks which cover words, logos, or pictures used as identifiers for goods and services. It is important to examine on what basis publishers control their copyrights and licenses. Book publishing today rests on copyright. In general terms, copyright is a form of protection, giving authors and other creative artists legal ownership of their work, it establishes their work as their personal, exclusive property; and because it is their property they have the absolute right to sell or license it to others.

It is these exclusive rights that make the works of authors attractive to publishers. What the publisher wants from authors is the sole, exclusive right to publish their work and sell it as widely as possible. Without the protection of copyright, authors would not be able to grant this exclusive right and could not demand payment for their efforts; and publishers would not risk issuing a book which could be instantly copied or plundered by competitors. Copyright stimulates innovation in a market economy, protects the reputation and is the common foundation for publishing and the other cultural industries.

As international regulations, the copyright protection endures for the life of author plus 70 years from the year end of his death. After that period the work enters the public domain. Publishers compete fiercely on the pricing of public domain classics on which no royalties need be paid. Works created by employees in working hours are the copyright of the employer. Publishers who commission freelance editors, technical illustrators, indexers and software engineers ensure that copyright is assigned in writing to the publisher through an agreement. The publisher typographical layout of the page is the copyright of the publisher and that lasts for 25 years from publication. Copyright in an index belongs to the compiler, unless assigned to the publisher; copyright in a translation belongs to the translator. Copyright exists in compilations provided that there is an adequate degree of originality in the selection and arrangement of the information.

For lengthy lists resources of book printing company, please see the three new info kits on our website They have several pages of tips and leads on writing, production and promotion. Just request one or more free info kits. Media kits cost a great deal to produce and send and most go immediately into the round file. A far better solution is to set up a Press Room on your website with all the media kit materials. Then use email to invite the working press to your Press Room. Let them click through to retrieve news releases, cover art, sidebar info and so on. Some of our books are also available in large print editions, large print is designed for the visually imparied, the people with reading disablities and people learning English as a second language. For the information on how you can turn your book into large print editions and get them up on internet.

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