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The Affect of Government to Educational Book Printing (1)
Origin:Image Printing  Data: 3/12/2011  Keywords: Educational Book Printing

The educational book printing industry in the world has the characteristic of little variety of examination boards and government intervention. A diversity of educational books and ancillary materials were published by a variety of publishers. These books were purchased by local education authorities and then supplied to schools via specialist suppliers, local authority purchasing organizations and bookshops.

However, this situation in UK was changed by government Education Reform Act in 1988. New National Curriculum was far more prescriptive, rendering many backlist textbooks largely redundant. The book printing company and publishers have to produce new materials especially schemes or programmer of study in core subjects, very quickly and at great cost. The larger publishers get much more profit and expand their business through this act. Speed and quality were of the essence as each school had to be locked into the publisher's programmer, so slow publishers had been knocked out.

In history, England educational publishers exported their books to African market. But the governments in Africa were increasingly regulating their school systems which have the effect of impeding if not curtailing the import of textbooks and other learning materials. The export of UK-originated schoolbooks still occurs, mainly in the sciences, or in versioned form, and to sub-Saharan Africa, largely dependent on aid funding.

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