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21 Century Further Mergers and Acquisitions in Book Printing Field
Origin:Image Printing  Data: 3/10/2011  Keywords: Book Printing Field

Apace into the earlier of 21 century, the competitive in book printing field became more and more fierce. Especially because of Ebook and electronic reading developments, the ownership consolidation in publishers occurred in a dazzling process.

In 2003, British private equity bought Springer, and the academic and STM publishing operations of the Dutch publisher Kluwer. The companies were merged in 2004 and the enlarged Springer became the second largest STM publisher to the Anglo-Dutch leader Elsevier, and the largest STM book publisher. In 2002, a private equity consortium bought the large US educational publisher Houghton Mifflin, which then in 2006 underwent a reverse takeover by the smaller Irish educational software company Riverdeep. In 2007 Reed Elsevier, the world's biggest publisher of information for professional users operating in the markets of science, medical and legal, having previously bought the US publisher Harcourt, decided to sell its school educational imprints (including Heinemann) to Pearson, while keeping the higher education and medical publishing businesses. Likewise the other major information and professional publishers decided to concentrate on providing content and services for professionals digitally, rather than compete in education against Pearson.

In 2007 the Dutch information and health publisher Wolters Kluwer sold its school publishing assets to private equity, in order to concentrate on its online businesses. In the same year, the Canadian family-owned Thomson Corporation sold Thomson Learning, a division focused on higher education (second only to Pearson in the US college market), again to private equity, and bought Reuters. This left McGraw-Hill as the last remaining major US publisher with significant shares in US school and college markets. Educational markets (school and college) have been slower than professional markets to take up digital content and services.

Running against the trend of European purchases of US publishers, in 2007 the US family-controlled STM, college textbook and journal publisher John Wiley purchased the family-owned Blackwell, based in Oxford, which published for STM, humanities and social science markets. In 2008 private equity combined Cengage Learning (formerly Thomson Learning) with the Houghton Mifflin College Division. The migration to electronic formats drives consolidation, not least in the ability enabled by size to invest in technology. The big players can afford to make the necessary large investments in online scientific journals and accompanying tools to aid researchers, and in building ebook collections for libraries. The larger the publisher's content and the greater their control over the intellectual property, the greater is the leverage of the aggregation. It is argued by the large publishers that it easier for academic libraries and purchasing consortia to deal with just a few publishers and to use their platforms providing online content and services - rather than have to negotiate with dozens of publishers and intermediaries.

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